Italy in April

For my mom, who died 19 years ago today ... The slate gray steps are steep, cracked, and winding. The walkways and streets often indistinguishable from each other until a car appears behind me, simultaneously impatient and in my way. Italians young and old smoke in the alley outside my open window, in the moments... Continue Reading →


Adiós, Mi Amor

Mexico, you were my first. And for that, you will always be a guiding star above the rocky sea of my midnight azul-tinted travel memories. You were my first taste. Of being at home away from home. Of forgetting where home is and what it smells like. Of remembering that home is not only a... Continue Reading →

Poetry for the Eyes

A picture is not worth a thousand words. You see an image. I see an image. We can agree on its color, composition, and content. We can describe it, analyze it, debate its meaning by flexing our vocab muscles, but that's not the point of creating nor observing an image. Take these pictures and let them... Continue Reading →

Hola, Mexico

I could get used to this sunburn. It’s growing on me, masquerading as blush, merging my freckles into a fake tan. I could get used to this beach. Its colorblocks of turquoise and navy like a Rothko painting on antidepressants. I could get used to this me. Wandering for 17 kilometers each day, butchering a... Continue Reading →

First Stop: home

One last night turned delirious morning flooded with strobing purple light, friendly sweaty strangers, and $8 bottled water now served in a reduced-waste box. Miami… You’re like a recurring lucid dream, the downstairs neighbor who throws enviable house parties, that art professor with the accent we all have a crush on. Thank you for shaking... Continue Reading →

Two Weeks Notice

I quit my job today.  True story. And here's a poem I wrote just for you. You Are Here, You Are Home You can't step twice in the same river they say. And we too are bodies of water and grit, taking on the shape and temperature of our surroundings, eroding, caressing, destroying, and giving life to those... Continue Reading →

An Examined Life

Picture a lens focusing in then panning out on your life. Begin your journey in the stars, then squint your mind's eye until you pass through the atmosphere, then the tree tops, then deep into your only human body, your literal and metaphorical heart, your breakable bones with the power to heal themselves, and your... Continue Reading →

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