Two Weeks Notice

I quit my job today.  True story.

And here’s a poem I wrote just for you.

You Are Here, You Are Home

You can’t step twice in the same river they say. And we too are bodies of water and grit, taking on the shape and temperature of our surroundings, eroding, caressing, destroying, and giving life to those we touch, reflecting what’s above, concealing and revealing what’s below.

You can never go home again they say. Because you are the roof over your own head and the childhood memorabilia forgotten in your own dark closets. We are forever building and demolishing our foundation, decluttering and compulsively refiling the same attic, remodeling an aging facade.

You can pack up and move away, but those boxes will find you in whatever foreign land you plant your feet and at the shoreline of the nearest body of life-sustaining water.


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